As said by a Kindergarten — Kinder quotes

This page is dedicated to the collection of quotes I remember or have written down from my Kindergarten students.  This will be continuously updated.

>> indicates a new quote

>>Student: “Ms. GH my mouth hurts”

Me: “Try not to touch it”

Student:”But it hurts when I burp, and I burp a lot”



>>Student: “So you drive a toyota?”

>> Me: “Can anyone tell me a word that starts with O?”

Student: “Oh!  I know!  Oxyclean!”



>>>Student: “Ms GH, he put this in my butt” (shows me a pen, and points at the student beside him)


>>>Me: does anyone have questions or comments about the story? yes Lexy?

Student: “I love you”



>>> Student: “You know my mom’s tooth fairy is poor now, because she lost all her teeth”


>>>”Ms. GH you know Chihuahua is a state where my grandparents live not like a real Chihuahua its like a state.”


>>> I was showing the students a picture of an old broken down bus and was asking them what they noticed about the bus…

Student: “The bus is jacked”

Me: “The bus is jacked? broken?”

Student: “Yeah it’s jacked up”



>>>> Student: “Ms. GH do you have any kids?”

Me: “No”

Other student: “Ms. GH are you a teenager?”

Me: Laugh “No, why do you think that?”

Student: ” Because you are tall”


>>>>Student: “MS. GH! YOU LOOK LIKE A CLOWN!”

why thank you Angel but I thought my H&M parachute pants were fashionable


>>>>Me:  “I babysit last night, do you guys know what a babysitter is?”

Student: Yeah a babysitter is someone who watches the kids while their parents go to work”

Me: “Yup”

Other student: “Yeah just like Ms. GH babysits us while our parents go to work”

Me: “ha yup!”


>>>Student: “When my cousins say they don’t want to be my friend, they’re still stuck in the family”


>>> Student holding his privates: “I am never going to play soccer again”


>>>Student: “Have you heard about a fish sandwich?”

Me: “yes?”


>>>>Student: “I like it!”

Me: “I see that you picked your scab of your nose”

Student: “Yeah, I like to eat scabs”


>>>>Me: “If your mom did that you probably would think she was silly”

students: “If my m0m did that, I would think she was CRAZY!”



>>>>Student that wants to actually try to lift me up: “I actually like picking up teachers”


>>>Student: “Is that a girl or a woman?”


>>>>Me to my tutoring group: “Maybe if you guys are good I will bring you a treat for our last tutoring session!

Student in my tutoring group: “Like Chinese food?”

Me: “Um no”



>>>>Student: “If I get a dog I am naming it Ms. GH”

Me:” Thanks?”


>>>>Student: Did you know that Justin Bieber drive much fast”
Leonardo: “Yeah then he went to jail!”


>>>>>Only white student in class during snack eating hot Cheetos: “I’m getting used to hot things”


>>>>Leonardo: “At lunch I threw up celery skin”



>>>>Leonardo: “When I grow up I want to be a teenager”


unnamed-2 this special Xylophone and it’s stick..


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