The Bachelor — JP

So I have been indulging in the Bachelor/Bachelorette since high school.  Yes I know it’s a terrible show, sexist, racist, fake, annoying, ridiculous, etc etc.  But hey everyone has there vices and for awhile this show was mine.  I moved in with my partner this year so this was my first watching of the season with him around.  Well he loathes this show and cannot even stand to watch 2 minutes of it.  So after watching the first 2 episodes of Juan Pablo I decided to quit The Bachelor cold turkey..  1.) for my partner’s sanity 2.) for my sanity 3.) I moved away from my bachelor peeps who I watched the show with.

Throughout the season I received updates from Deb and friends… but when the season finale came along I decided I was going to treat myself and watch it (despite my partner’s begging)!  So I watched it and found out with the rest of the how much of douche Juan Pablo was.  But what I didn’t understand was why everyone was so friggin surprised by it.

Juan Pablo was just the first person to take advantage of the system(show) and  announce it publicly.  Juan Pablo was on there for shits and gigs, or fucks in gigs in his case.  He got to take off work, hang out with a bunch of beautiful women, in a bunch of beautiful places.. it was a great setup for him. ESPECIALLY since everybody LOVED him and wanted his bod on their bod.  He was in a great place with nothing to lose really.  Now everyone watching this show expects LOVE.  But REALLY??? C’mon folks this thing takes place in what an 8 week span?  With 30 women?  Forced love is not love.  Now sure you have your Sean and Katherine’s who are just 2  perfect people who maybe actually did fall in love on the show (unreal couple that I am actually obsessed with, especially Katherine).  But usually they either fall in love after the show when the cams aren’t around or more likely- fall out of love.  So why are we pissed at Juan Pablo for saying he likes this woman (who does not know him at all).  Personally, I don’t blame him at all.  I think if I were on the show I would have probably said the same thing.. “Oh I know you’re expecting marriage but I just really wanna say that I just really like you and enjoy your presence”   You can’t just make love happen, it doesn’t work like that.  We all know that but for some reason want to be livid with Juan Pablo for not saying I LOVE YOU!  There have been other jackasses in the past seasons that have not been given the heat that Juan Pablo has received.. like that one guy with the little boy who choose a woman and then like the next day said actually “oh I am actually  in love with the other girl I just rejected” and went back to the other girl in the final 2.  Bottom line here don’t hate (well in my opinion you should never hate anything or anyone) but don’t hate Juan Pabs for being a normal person who didn’t fall in love with a girl he knew for 8 only weeks and had like 5 dates with.  Don’t like the guy because he is dumb as a rock and treats women like shit.

Quick shout out to Clare who failed us when she confronted JP about what he said to her and completely ignored her intuition but then went and TOTALLY REDEEMED HERSELF when she got rejected and the confidence she had along with the brilliant deserved words she spoke to JP as she left the show.  As well as the class she showed on the after the rose show.  You go girl!  Also shout out to Charlene and Andi for being the 2 most awesomest women the bachelor thus far.


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